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Prepare your meals in advance and rest assured that our compartments will keep your food fresh. Save money and time while you're at home or on the go. Our food compartments make it easy.

Our containers are designed to make your meal planning easier and a success.

Each meal prep container stores a total of 32 oz. of food, making it an excellent way to control portion size and effectively lose weight & build muscle.

• Easily Microwavable at work, gym and other on-the-go activities.
• With Thick walls and tight lids you can be assured that food does not get easily spilled out
• Food containers could be fitted into a cooler
• Microwave Friendly
• Dishwasher Safe
• With this container you can store your on-the-go meals in tight lids and freeze within seconds.
• Made to withstand heating up food NOT cooking
• Washable, Reusable and Recyclable
• It is easy to 'unlock' the lid
• Keep Up to 32oz or 1000ml
• Withstand temperature up to 230F
• Great for home cooks who loves to be control of their meal out of the comfort of home.
• CLEAR LID for easy viewing of contents.


Other meal prep containers may be cheaper, but the old adage holds true - you get what you pay for! While the competition was busy racing to the bottom on price, we raced to the top of quality and value. Give yourself the gift of a quality containers that will make your meal prep and lunches more enjoyable and less stressful.


Heim Concept warrants its products that will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used for normal personal or household use, except as provided below. Heim Concept, at is option, may offer a comparible product or offer a replacement part or request that the item be returned to the place of purchase. This warranty DOES NOT apply to damage caused by negligence, misuse, excessive use, improper cleaning, improper assembly, or any circumstance not directly attributable to manufacturing defects. Proof of purchase is required in the form of a receipt(copy or orignal) to validate the warranty. Warranty is valid up to 90 days from purchase.

Premium 12 Pack
Meal Prep Food Container


fits and secure lock ensuring that no messes or spills occur. Keeps delicate ingredients like fruits or vegetables fresh and contained. REUSABLE! Grease and oil resistant; easy to clean stay environmentally friendly by use them again and again.


Our containers are made of the highest quality, they are lightweight and flexible, yet incredibly strong and durable. MICROWAVE SAFE (up to 250F)! DISHWASHER SAFE (top-rack)! FREEZER SAFE (Eskimo approved)! REUSABLE, STACKABLE STORAGE CONTAINERS!


Our lids were designed to close in a snap of the corners and to open just as easily. Lift any corner and pull back, it's that easy! Eliminate the time and nuisance of opening and closing your container by working the lids all the way around and get focused on what matters most - eating!


Our airtight food containers are reinforced to ensure long-term use while preventing cracks. These lunch containers will last with you and come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

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